Get the most out of your address book

We already emphasized myContacts ability to make you ready for a perfect pitch before each business call. The information provided by the app gives you indeed deep insights on the person you are interacting with. How to use these insights?

Add notes that make sense

No need to write down everything you discussed during a call, only meaningful details that could be useful in a next interaction. Try to think as your prospect, what would you like to hear next? Focus on the next steps and on your prospect’s preferences. Is he price sensitive? Is he fond of Italian food – food is a strong incentive for all of us, isn’t it? Where do his main doubts lie? You will be much better prepared to address all his concerns.

Know where your information comes from

It is highly important to know where your information comes from. Most people don’t really like the idea of being stalked. If you are not your prospect’s Facebook friend – which is likely to be the case – you can’t tell him «Oh, I saw on Facebook that it’s your birthday ». You’d better use LinkedIn if you are connected, or Twitter if you follow each other. It can sound simple, but it is easy to forget.

Understand who you are talking to

All the information you have helps you to better understand the personality you interact with. Some people are straight-to-the point and don’t want to spend time chit chatting. Others will love being asked how their children are. The most important is not to have information, it’s to know how to use it. And that’s one of the reasons myContacts was built for: to make information valuable.

myContacts is available on the Play Store!


The tool to deliver personalized pitches every time

Most business people spend a substantial amount of time interacting on their phones – we make call, we send emails and text messages… And the more we do, the harder it is to remember the outputs of these interactions.

When it comes to build business relationships, close sales deals or pitch a company, the smallest details can turn out to be great opportunities. Having as much information as possible on one contact increases the quality and the relevance of phone calls, leading to a higher conversion rate of the time spent interacting.

Without a quick reminder of the main characteristics behind a name (COO, his boss thinks your offer is too expensive, prefers to meet in his own office), a sales person can miss a great way to get in touch effectively.

myContacts makes it easier to build personalized relationships since it records your latest interactions and helps you to know exactly whom you are talking to. Contacts can be associated with notes or tags for the user to have immediately in mind important details. The social media synchronization (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing…) also enhances the profiles with meaningful information.

The main point in gathering data from both professional and personal platforms is that both are closely related. During a business call, a nice unrelated remark can be a powerful icebreaker to make everybody feel comfortable. People usually pay more attention when asked about their holidays in Italy than when they feel under the pressure of a sales deal.

Synchronization also helps to keep up-to-date. If data are registered manually on a contact’s profile, it is fixed and can’t be removed or modified other than by correcting it manually once again. Social media information is much more likely to be updated. It is highly important since you are willing to know if, for example, one of your prospects is not working for the same company anymore – it happens.

myContacts is available on the Play Store!


Meet your smart address book

The more you know about someone, the more likely you are to catch his/her attention. When it comes to business relationships, having some information is good; having most of the available information is better. However, gathering data manually in an address book is highly time-consuming and automatic solutions often duplicate contacts or information.

Manual de-duplication also takes time and can lead to a loss of data. myContacts allows you to effectively import contact information from social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn…), Gmail and your devices while merging duplicated contacts. It is highly time-saving since you don’t have to look for the information and register it manually.

It helps gathering insightful data about someone, easily reachable when needed. Of course, notes and tags can also be added afterwards, depending on what the contact decides to share during your interactions. Each contact can thus be enriched both by publicly available information and by what you learn by yourself.

Time is precious and should be devoted to use information, not to look for it. That’s why we built a smart address book, to centralize data and make them ready to use when needed.

You can get your new address book on the Play Store now!


Starting with myContacts

We recently announced the release of our new contact management application. If it’s not already done, you can download myContacts on the Play Store!

How does it work?

myContacts acts like an enhanced, interactive address book and the application is intuitive and user-friendly. There is thus no need for detailed explanations, but still, let us introduce our features. First, create an account and login.

Screenshot create account      Screenshot log in

Import your Gmail contacts on the main menu, they will be added and synchronized to your existing contacts. You can also manually add new contacts, both on the main menu and through pop-ups pushed after your calls.

Screenshot contact management      Screenshot contact management

You need to get in touch with someone? You can now access directly your contacts’ social media accounts, make a call, and send a message or an email in just one click. The app also gives you the opportunity to make your business contacts and interactions more insightful. The button close to the contact’s name allows you to associate tags and notes to your contacts’ profiles.

Add notes      Add tags

You can now make use of your clever address book through four horizontal entries:

– Your overall contacts list
– Your favorite contacts list
– Your last interactions
– Your tags

Screnshot inter 3      screenshot interactions 2

If you have any question or feedback, send us an email at!