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Get the most out of your address book

We already emphasized myContacts ability to make you ready for a perfect pitch before each business call. The information provided by the app gives you indeed deep insights on the person you are interacting with. How to use these insights? Add notes that make sense No need to write down everything you discussed during a […]

The tool to deliver personalized pitches every time

Most business people spend a substantial amount of time interacting on their phones – we make call, we send emails and text messages… And the more we do, the harder it is to remember the outputs of these interactions. When it comes to build business relationships, close sales deals or pitch a company, the smallest […]

Meet your smart address book

The more you know about someone, the more likely you are to catch his/her attention. When it comes to business relationships, having some information is good; having most of the available information is better. However, gathering data manually in an address book is highly time-consuming and automatic solutions often duplicate contacts or information. Manual de-duplication […]

Business Development: The importance of timing

Timing importance is often minimized when it comes to sales and business development. Most people who handle those missions are highly busy and lack time. They have so many calls to make, emails to answer and meetings to attend that finding the right time to get in touch with someone can be harder than expected. […]

Starting with myContacts

We recently announced the release of our new contact management application. If it’s not already done, you can download myContacts on the Play Store! How does it work? myContacts acts like an enhanced, interactive address book and the application is intuitive and user-friendly. There is thus no need for detailed explanations, but still, let us […]

Our international team is growing fast!

We are delighted to announce that our team is growing incredibly fast. In 2015, it already increased by 6 new hires, leading to a happy team of 15 people! We are looking for the best talents all around the world to build great products with us. We recently welcomed new talented developers: JoJo from Taiwan, […]

Life at the Rainmaking Loft

Our happy team is getting bigger and we had to find a new place in Berlin to welcome our last hires. We found the perfect place in The Rainmaking Loft, a space fully dedicated to startups. We have our own office space of course but also access to inspiring co-working areas where we can share […]

(Re) introducing interact.io

Founded in 2013, interact.io offers cloud-based phone and CRM integrations to telephony and CRM solutions providers. The two co-founders, Michael Zirngibl and Sebastian von l’Estocq, already totalize close to 30 years of successful careers together, respectively in the fields of voice and cloud technology and for software implementations in the banking industry. Surrounded by a […]