phone conversation

Get the most out of your address book

We already emphasized myContacts ability to make you ready for a perfect pitch before each business call. The information provided by the app gives you indeed deep insights on the person you are interacting with. How to use these insights?

Add notes that make sense

No need to write down everything you discussed during a call, only meaningful details that could be useful in a next interaction. Try to think as your prospect, what would you like to hear next? Focus on the next steps and on your prospect’s preferences. Is he price sensitive? Is he fond of Italian food – food is a strong incentive for all of us, isn’t it? Where do his main doubts lie? You will be much better prepared to address all his concerns.

Know where your information comes from

It is highly important to know where your information comes from. Most people don’t really like the idea of being stalked. If you are not your prospect’s Facebook friend – which is likely to be the case – you can’t tell him «Oh, I saw on Facebook that it’s your birthday ». You’d better use LinkedIn if you are connected, or Twitter if you follow each other. It can sound simple, but it is easy to forget.

Understand who you are talking to

All the information you have helps you to better understand the personality you interact with. Some people are straight-to-the point and don’t want to spend time chit chatting. Others will love being asked how their children are. The most important is not to have information, it’s to know how to use it. And that’s one of the reasons myContacts was built for: to make information valuable.

myContacts is available on the Play Store!