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Founded in 2013, offers cloud-based phone and CRM integrations to telephony and CRM solutions providers. The two co-founders, Michael Zirngibl and Sebastian von l’Estocq, already totalize close to 30 years of successful careers together, respectively in the fields of voice and cloud technology and for software implementations in the banking industry. co-founders

Surrounded by a talented tech team, they were chosen by Europe’s biggest accelerator program, Seedcamp, to be part of its 2014 mentoring program. Team members had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be coached by some of the world’s best entrepreneurs and investors.

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Behind the technology lies the belief that current sales tools are too complex and time-consuming, when used. is a company on a mission: make business people’s life easier. That is why we provide user-friendly products to help our customers achieve their objectives in a smoothly way. The company is now launching its smart contact management tool, myContacts, one of the micro-apps built on top of state-of-the-art platform. We will introduce our new product and its amazing features in an upcoming blog post! myContacts will soon be available on the Play Store, and its iOS version will follow quickly.

Growing fast, the team has recently moved to Berlin’s Rainmaking Loft, an inspiring co-working space for some of the most innovative startups in the German city. The perfect place to keep on developing great products in a creative atmosphere.